As Economic Futures Remain Uncertain in the Wake of COVID-19, A Triple-Minority Financial Expert, Echo Huang shares her Timeless Plan for Wealth Creation

As Economic Futures Remain Uncertain in the Wake of COVID-19, A Triple-Minority Financial Expert, Echo Huang shares her Timeless Plan for Wealth Creation

The term “wealth management” doesn’t only apply to wealthy people. The release of Echo's new book "Own Your Future" tells the story of how a poor immigrant came to live the American dream and how you can too. It’s a story of dreams manifested as a result of the guidance offered by the author’s seven core principles: daring to dream, being adaptable, respecting education, setting goals, utilizing smart and deliberate planning to achieve success, seizing opportunities when they arise, and benefiting from the wisdom of others.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, workers are still losing their jobs, health care systems are being stressed, and local businesses are at risk of closing permanently. Many are witnessing the most tangible and consequential failure of government in recent U.S. history, and Americans are bracing for recession. The timely release of a recent Wealth Management bestseller serves as a call to action, especially for women, looking to protect and grow their wealth in these uncertain times.

Some women prefer talking about money with female financial planners, but only 20% of all financial planners hold the respected Certified Financial Planner® (CFP) designation, and only 23% of CFP professionals are women. There simply aren’t enough female CFP professionals to serve other women effectively.

Echo Huang is a female, Chinese-American immigrant and a mother in the male-dominated industry of wealth management and financial planning. Her firm Echo Wealth Management manages over $115 million in assets for clients, many of whom are Fortune 500 executives. As nine-year recipient (2012 – 2020) of the Five Star Wealth Manager Award, Huang states, “I believe that increasing the number of female CFP professionals in America will help transform the financial industry and income inequality between men and women. There has never been a time when people have to be smarter about their money.”

Globally, individuals are concerned about their income sources, retirement funds, stocks, bonds, and real estate assets in the current climate. Huang provides solid strategies for recovering from financial loss and how to safeguard and grow wealth – regardless of who wins the November elections. She is specifically passionate about educating and assisting single mothers, immigrants managing money globally, and helping more women become successful in the financial industry. Her recent bestseller, Own Your Future, tells her personal story of overcoming adversity as an immigrant and a woman working in American financial markets.

“Echo has a rare combination of technical expertise and empathy. This enables her to provide a unique perspective on wealth management that is both informative and motivating,” reports Jerry Young, retired General Mills controller.

In her book, Huang provides a variety of guides and tips, such as teaching the nine cognitive and emotional biases holding you back from financial independence, explaining that you can donate to charity the wrong way, and that it’s possible to claim your social security benefits improperly at significant cost to your financial future.

Own Your Future is available now at all major booksellers. Learn more at http://www.echohuang.com

Huang is available for interviews by contacting TGC Worldwide. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About Echo: Echo Huang is Certified Financial Planner® (CFP) professional with over 25 years of experience in the financial services and accounting industries. She helps executives and entrepreneurs across the country take the complexity out of their personal and business finances. Born and raised in China, she came to the United States with $800 in her pocket in hopes of pursuing – and achieving – the American dream. Through higher learning, continued education, and hard work, she gained valuable experience and extensive knowledge about wealth management, investment strategies, and tax planning. After years of working as an accountant, a financial advisor and partnering with other financial firms, she founded Echo Wealth Management in 2015. She offers in-depth financial planning and personalized investment management services for professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs. She is an expert in stock options, trading plans, and Deferred Compensation Plans. As an investment professional with CFP®, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter, she is sought after to create personalized financial plans and execute the holistic strategies.


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