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DYI or call your guy: Why do you need a wealth manager?

February 02, 2023

Doing pretty well

Picture this - I’ll be at a networking event, wearing a sticker name tag and holding a plastic glass of tepid water, and a guy with a bad suit and even worse haircut will, out of nowhere, shout, “I don’t get what you wealth managers do.  I do pretty well on my own just using the internet.”  And, before I can respond, he’s off to give his opinion again, rambling about the cheese tray to the hotel staff. 

Do Think Twice About Long-Term Care

Long-term Care Observed in October and November
November 30, 2022

How important is long-term care?

It is important enough for you to plan it.

It is important enough for you to do it.

It is important enough for you to think twice.

Make Protecting Your Income A Priority

May 31, 2022

You might be thinking…
Other people get disabled, not me.
My business can run without me.
I’d rather put my money into growing my business.

The truth is illness and injury impact all of us, even businesses. Whether you are a key employee or business owner, understanding the possible outcomes of a temporary or permanent disability will help you to identify smart solutions for your financial plan.

The Surprising Pitfalls of Retiring at the Same Time as Your Spouse

Four Considerations for Your Joint Retirement Plan
March 08, 2022

On paper, retiring at the same time as your spouse sounds like a no-brainer! If you both retire together, then you would be free to travel the world, take up some new hobbies, and spend more quality time together as a couple. Chances are that you’ve not been able to enjoy these luxuries much over the past 20, 30, or more years. This is because, by the time we are nearing retirement, we have only recently said our goodbyes to our youngest child, and spouses have seen little of each other as

Long-Term Care - It’s Not as Scary as You Might Think

Take Care of Your Future Self by Making a Long-Term Care Plan Today
February 23, 2022

Sometimes, the unknown can be a bit scary. Previously, I’ve shared several financial tips that will allow you to plan for your financial independence and to own your future. Today, I want to ask you to give me a few somber minutes of your time.

I am asking you to turn off your emotions and turn on your intellect only. This way, you will be protected from your emotions entering in and shutting you off from discussing a tough but important topic: Long-Term Care. Come out from under the blanket

Attention Married Couples: How to Get in Sync with These Nine Essential Money Practices

Put You and Your Partner on the Path Towards Financial Success
February 09, 2022

Oh, the dichotomy of money talks with your spouse. They’re so vital to have, yet they are often uncomfortable. So, not surprisingly, most married couples aren’t properly communicating about financial habits and money values.

When a couple marries, they bring their individual money values into the union, which can be as unique as their fingerprints. These values have been created over a lifetime, often through observing parents, and most people are deeply entrenched in them. The trouble is that

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