We believe in investing in education ongoing. These are the partners to help us become and stay competent in providing superior services to clients:

Many of our clients join Echo Wealth Management with valued advisory partners such as attorneys, accountants, trustees, bankers, insurance agents and others. We often find opportunities to enhance the expertise and services of these professionals by assisting in the integration of their work on behalf of the family. Working with Echo Wealth Management allows you to maintain the best of your current professional network and, as needed, plug into ours.

We have spent years in practice developing a broad circle and network of other advisors and service providers for families. We take pride in these relationships and in our ability to help families find the right solutions. As your trusted wealth manager, we assist in coordinating these resources.

We do not take custody of our clients’ assets.  Instead, we open accounts for clients at Charles Schwab. The accounts remain in the client’s name.  This carefully selected custodian provides us with the platform, products, programs, and resources to serve our clients and grow clients’ wealth efficiently and effectively.

We partner with Orion Advisor Tech to deliver accurate, comprehensive, and beautifully designed views of investment performance that you can view using our firm’s mobile app (Echo Wealth Management Mobile from the App store).  We leave the daily data downloads from custodians, account reconciliations, quarterly billing, and compliance reports to this large and reputable firm so that we can focus on serving clients.

In addition to the research reports from TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab, we use Riskalyze and Morningstar to assess the risks and returns of various products and portfolios.

Let's Start a Dialogue

Managing your wealth is a very personal subject, one we should discuss in a more personal setting. Your time is valuable.

Before you visit our office in Plymouth, please schedule this complimentary 30 minutes Discovery Call (Zoom Video) with a member of our team to share your financial planning needs.  Our team member will let you know if you should schedule a 60 Minute FIT Meeting with Echo.

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