Echo Huang Talks Managing Finances in a Crisis on the Balance Boldly Podcast

Echo Huang Talks Managing Finances in a Crisis on the Balance Boldly Podcast

Echo Huang recently sat down with Naketa R. Thigpen of the Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women in Business Podcast to discuss managing your finances during a crash and how her own journey has shaped her current approach.

Listen in to learn how she transformed from being an accountant to a financial advisor running a solo practice when the economy was in a crisis. You will also hear some of her tips on how you can take advantage of the COVID-19 crisis to make beneficial financial decisions.


“We all have to figure out how to thrive in this crisis, figure out different ways to make yourself happy, hopeful, healthy, and seize opportunities.”

— Echo Huang [40:26]

What you will learn:

  • How she transitioned from a senior tax specialist to a financial advisor entrepreneur when it was uncommon and the country was in recession. 
  • How to become adaptable to thinking ahead before selling products. How she started offering financial planning for a fee.
  • Echo’s one guiding principle of daring to dream.
  • The importance of education as a way to invest in yourself and choosing the right role models.
  • How she defined herself by learning, evolving, and surrounding herself with inspiring people.
  • Why she wrote her book, what it’s about, and how it helps people.
  • The importance of having a financial advisor with the right tools to keep you disciplined.
  • The purpose of staying prepared for a possible market crash. 
  • How she gives herself permission to pause and prioritize her health by pursuing two hobbies, dancing, and piano playing. 


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