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Echo Huang Featured on The Remarkable People Podcast

August 21, 2020

Have you heard the one about the young Chinese girl who came to America with only $800 in her pocket, but now owns her own wealth management company, has several advanced degrees, and manages over $150 Million in client assets? You know, the one who authors best selling books, ballroom dances, holds CFP, CPA, CFA designations, and plays a concert piano? Well if you haven’t, hang on and enjoy this episode of the Remarkable People Podcast, the Echo Huang Story!

“I knew this was not where I belonged forever. I knew I could do better. It was just a matter of waiting for the right opportunity to arise. – Echo Huang

  • Core Themes: Financial Independence, own your future, financial freedom, financial planner, financial planning, retirement planning, wealth management, TOELF exam, networking, courage, determination, passion, goal setting, daring to dream, meticulous planning, discipline, hard work, drive, perseverance, CFP exam, estate planning, control your emotions, investing tips, investment advice for today, Invest in Yourself

  • Mentions: BTK Innovations, Pam Heinold Realty, Interview Connections, UWF, PSC, PCC 


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