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Echo Huang featured by Reader's Digest: How to Save for Retirement During the Coronavirus Crash

May 04, 2020
Whether you're in your 20s or close to retirement age, chances are high that the global pandemic has had an impact on your retirement plans.

Take advantage of an automatic savings plan

"Some people with the means to save for retirement may know they need to do so, but they often have difficulty sacrificing present consumption because of a lack of self-control," notes Echo Huang, CFA, CFP®, CPA, founder and president of Echo Wealth Management

"These people may find excuses not to do so, like 'It's hard to make money in the stock markets now,' or 'I'll save and invest later when the situation gets better.'" To overcome what she calls "a self-control bias," Huang recommends finding "ways to save more that don't rely on self-control." For example, you could consider enrolling in automatic savings in your 401(k) plan and increasing savings when you get a raise. Up your financial smarts by learning these 19 personal finance tips you were never taught, but need to know.

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