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Happy 2nd Birthday Echo Wealth Management!

March 01, 2017

With thankfulness and appreciation for my friends, family, team and clients, I am excited to celebrate the 2nd birthday of Echo Wealth Management today! It has been a satisfying journey over the past two years of building a strong foundation for the business that focuses on taking the complexity out of wealth management. We have been blessed with amazing client experiences and the supportive efforts from our centers of influence, including attorneys, CPAs, insurance agents, business operations and technology partners. 

It has been a very rewarding personal and professional experience along the way. We are now getting ready for more achievements in the next year, starting with a switch from Netdocuments to Laserfiche, and creating simple and elegant enterprise content management solutions based on the Run Smarter® philosophy.  My heartfelt thanks go out to everybody that has made the past two years a success beyond my wildest dreams.

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