Own Your Future is the story of my journey from a poor immigrant in search of the American Dream to a successful entrepreneur, financial professional, and author. It’s a story of dreams manifested as a result of the guidance offered by my seven core principles: daring to dream, being adaptable, respecting education, setting goals, utilizing smart and deliberate planning to achieve success, seizing opportunities when they arise, and benefiting from the wisdom of others.

Based on my twenty-five years of experience in the trenches, not just of investment management but also of private and public accounting, this book educates the reader about wealth management and offers useful tools that can be used to make your financial
life more organized, productive, and better suited to accomplishing your dreams.


Echo Huang, CFA, CFP®, CPA

I am a Certified Financial Planner, entrepreneur and author with a passion for educating and inspiring others to achieve their dreams. Growing up in a small Chinese village with no running water or reliable electricity taught me how to overcome difficult situations and be proactive in creating the kind of quality of life I wanted for myself. My story is one of dreams manifested, and I want to help you achieve yours, too, by growing your wealth now starting from wherever you are.

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