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Boerum Hill Financial Advisors was established to provide you with financial advice that is relevant, tailored, and built on the foundation of a strong relationship. As a fiduciary advisor, we are free from the pressure to sell a specific point of view, investment product, or a prepackaged solution. We receive no fees from you or others, for a specific transaction, to trade a security, a stock, bond, fund or insurance.


Boerum Hill Financial Advisors is an independent Registered Investment Advisor. Here's why that's important: Employees of marquee brokerage firms are expected to generate profits for their parent company, which we believe creates conflicts of interest. As an independent firm, we answer to our clients, period. Our business model frees us to focus only on your success, and to put your interests first at all times. To make sure that all of our clients' financial needs are met as a whole, we regularly work with their accountants, attorneys and other experts.


Experience and qualifications matter—especially in a field where virtually anyone can present himself or herself as a financial advisor. Our firm has close affiliations with CPA's (tax specialists), and we work closely with investment portfolio design firm. We are qualified to identify the expertise needed depending on the situation.


Historically, there has been a substantial gap between the performance of individual investors and institutions. My job is to help you close that gap.

Investing is an emotional process. An informed and objective partner can help us manage those emotions, leading to better investment decisions.

I believe that investors who rely on professional advice have a greater probability of success than those that don’t.

In my experience, the cost of professional advice is much lower than the cost of mistakes we’re likely to make without it..

Most financial areas including taxes, investing, estate planning and retirement have become increasingly complex. A well informed advisor can help to make sense of it all.