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Five Reasons Retirement Planning is Different for Women

Current Gender Norms Mean Stakes Are Higher for Women, but these Challenges Don’t Have to Sideline Your Retirement Planning

27 January 2021

Five Reasons Retirement Planning is Different for Women

Financial professionals will tell you that every retirement plan is different when it comes to retirement planning because every retiree is unique. However, that isn’t exactly true since many married couples create and depend on just one retirement plan for both of them. Though this might seem like common sense at first glance, couples should be sure that their shared retirement plan represents their very different retirement needs and realities.

Unfortunately, even in these modern times, women are still more likely to take a backseat when it comes to planning for their financial futures. This is true even though women are more likely to live longer than their male spouses, meaning that they have more riding on the retirement plan’s longevity. Of course, this isn’t the only challenge that makes a woman’s participation in financial planning a must.

Read on for five reasons retirement planning is different for women and, therefore, why they should be active participants in planning their retirement finances.

Five Things to Do If You Inherit a Roth IRA

These steps will help you make the most of the bittersweet situation you are in.

17 October 2020

Five Things to Do If You Inherit a Roth IRA

Once upon a time, if you inherited a Roth IRA, you would be able to stretch the inherited Roth IRA withdrawals out over your lifetime, letting the money grow over the years. Now though, the rules have changed. With the SECURE Act, which was signed into law in December of 2019, planning for an inherited IRA requires a little bit more effort and intention.

This is because the act imposes a new rule on inherited IRAs for any account whose owner died after December 31, 2019, requiring that beneficiaries must empty the account within 10 years of the owner’s death (unless they qualify for an exception).

While this new law definitely limits what you can do with an inherited IRA, there is still some flexibility in how you reap the benefits as long as you stay in the 10-year time limit. Here are five tips to guide you as you plan your strategy.


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