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Echo Huang Talks Reinvesting in Yourself on the Financial Advisor Success Podcast

28 September 2020

Echo Huang Talks Reinvesting in Yourself on the Financial Advisor Success Podcast

Echo recently sat down with Michael Kitces on the Financial Advisor Success Podcast to discuss how you can own your future by continuously reinvesting in yourself to build the advisory career you want. 

In this episode:

Echo talks about how she built her career starting out in the industry from scratch as an immigrant to the U.S. with just $800 in her pocket. She started studying finance as an undergraduate, then decided that it would help her career to get a CPA license, so she joined a public accounting firm to get the requisite two years of audit experience. Then, transitioned to the personal financial planning division of a regional accounting firm and earned her CFP certification to build her professional credibility and help overcome the fact that she looked young when sitting across from older clients. Why Echo ultimately went out on her own at a cost of losing two-thirds of her AUM to rebuild the vision of the advisory firm she wanted to build. And why, as an already successful advisor in her 40s, she still decided to go back and get her CFA certification on top of juggling the challenges of growing the business and being a parent to her daughter Nina.

Resetting Your Financial Goals After COVID-19

It's Time to Map Out Your Next Ten Years

06 May 2020

Resetting Your Financial Goals After COVID-19

The novel Coronavirus has brought with it a lot of tragedy, devastation, and chaos; many are losing loved ones, finding themselves in financial peril, and questioning their job security. However, it also brought with it a lot of quality life lessons and a significant pause which provides a rare opportunity to turn inward and focus on what you want for your financial future. Normally, people wait until the end of the year to set out short- and long-term goals, but right now is ripe with potential for those who choose to take advantage.

One of the biggest lessons we’re learning is how fragile and short life can be; for those of us who are lucky to be healthy and safe, it’s important that we do what we can to make the most out of what we’ve been given and where we are at. It’s time to think about what you want your life to look like five, ten, twenty years from now – specifically, where you will be in your financial journey. One way to do this is to start a decade into the future – and work backward to understand how you’ll achieve your goals.

The following tips offer a roadmap to follow as you begin planning for a financially successful decade ahead.

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