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Should You Rely on Stocks or Bonds for Your Retirement Account?

26 February 2020

Should You Rely on Stocks or Bonds for Your Retirement Account?

If you’ve been thinking about retirement planning, you’ve undoubtedly considered how much investment risk is appropriate for your financial goals – and your comfort level.

Every investment has risks.  The usual pattern is that when the stock market goes up, the bond market goes down (usually due to the Federal Reserve Bank increasing interest rates), but market cycles can be very strange indeed.  In 2018, both the stock and bond markets lost money.  This is precisely why everyone needs a solid education in investment planning, whether working alone or with an advisor, in order to determine risk tolerance and, on that basis, the right asset allocation to maximize after-tax risk-adjusted return.

Many investors fear volatility in the market because they worry a market downturn would erase their hard-earned savings, but there is no need to fear volatility.  Yes, it represents risk in the short-term, but it also creates opportunities for investors with a long-term horizon to get into the market at attractive price levels. 

Let’s take a look at a few sample investments and what they have returned over time:

Developing Leadership Presence as a Woman

Why Women Face Unique Challenges – and How to Overcome Them

12 February 2020

Developing Leadership Presence as a Woman

Anyone who successfully serves in a leadership role – or who hopes to – should think about how they are perceived by others. Education, experience, and results mean little if you aren’t viewed as a leader, and so quite a bit of your potential success comes down to presence.

Financial Advice for Married Couples: How to Get in Sync with Your Spouse

Nine Important Money Practices to Implement Right Now

22 January 2020

Financial Advice for Married Couples: How to Get in Sync with Your Spouse

Oh, the dichotomy of money discussions. They’re so important to have, yet they are often uncomfortable and, therefore, avoided at all costs. Couple that with the fact that money disagreements are a leading cause of divorce,[i] and it’s no surprise most married couples aren’t properly communicating about financial habits and money values.


[i] https://www.cnbc.com/2015/02/04/money-is-the-leading-cause-of-stress-in-relationships.html

Lifetime Financial Goals

No matter where you are in your life, it’s never too late to start setting financial goals for yourself.

18 December 2019

Lifetime Financial Goals

Setting financial goals helps you stay on track, whether unexpected expenses and gain peace of mind for your later years. In this article, we will review seven goals that can help you get on track – and stay there – for the duration of your financial future. 

Alternatives to Tangible Gifts this Holiday Season

Limit Traditional Purchases by Substituting these Meaningful Gift Ideas Instead

12 December 2019

Alternatives to Tangible Gifts this Holiday Season

The holiday season evokes certain traditions, and for many of us that includes getting together with friends and family to give and receive gifts. Whether you tend to purchase thoughtful, carefully planned gifts or you’re a last-minute shopper, most of us enjoy this tradition. Still, when you truly consider tangible gifts, they rarely bring lasting happiness.

This year, rather than traditional store-bought gifts, cash or gift cards, why not consider alternative gifts for your family and friends? It’s a tradition that’s catching on, with many families choosing to eschew tangible gifts in favor of more meaningful alternatives.

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