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Are You Paying Attention to Your Financial Dashboard?

Owning Your Future Requires Deliberate Planning and Careful Attention

06 December 2021

Are You Paying Attention to Your Financial Dashboard?

Driving requires a glance at the dashboard on a regular basis to monitor all of the various gauges that let us know when things are on track and when we don’t have enough gas to get to our destination. The same is true for your finances.

In our time together previously, we have driven through financial planning topics at a relatively high rate of speed. From investment planning, tax strategies, estate planning, and more, we’ve covered a lot of ground.

Throughout this road trip, I’ve mentioned that every good financial team needs a tool to help consolidate all your information to help in planning for your wealth management. At Echo Wealth Management, I have used a tool called the Echo Dashboard for over 15 years, developed and supported by eMoney Advisor. Today, I want to show you the value of utilizing a tool like this.

It's Your Estate, Don't Procrastinate!

Taking the Time to Finalize Your Estate Plans Can Ensure Your Wishes Will Be Met

15 November 2021

It's Your Estate, Don't Procrastinate!

Nobody likes thinking about dying, or selecting a guardian to raise your children, or having to choose which of your children would best manage your money in your absence. But the critical point about estate planning is this: If you don't do it, you lose your say. Without a will, your estate may end up in court, divvied up based on a judge’s decision - not your own.

Without specific terms set in place, you may not get the medical care you would prefer or the preferred custodial caretaker for your children. For those reasons, it is better to face the discomfort of our mortality and make sure everything is up to date and in order. With your estate planning checked off your list, you can rest assured that, in an unthinkable situation, you and your family will be covered.

So, where do you start?

Securing a Financial Future for Your Second Marriage

A Checklist to Help You Start This New Chapter on Firm Financial Footing

21 July 2021

Securing a Financial Future for Your Second Marriage

Who doesn't love second chances? Second marriages often bring with them a renewed optimism for the future. After all, you're getting a second chance at “happily ever after.” The best part is that now you have the benefit of more life experience and wisdom.

On the other hand, you're likely to have a significantly more complex financial life than you did going into your first marriage. This means you and your partner must be thoughtful and savvy about how you will manage your finances.

The following seven steps can help you cover your bases and ensure you remain on firm financial footing as you enter this new phase of life together.

What Will it Take to Own Your Financial Future?

These steps can help you gain control of your financial reality

09 June 2021

What Will it Take to Own Your Financial Future?

Do you ever feel like your finances just aren’t running on all cylinders? Setting definitive financial goals will help you stay on track, weather unexpected expenses, and gain peace of mind for your later years.

Today, I’d like to offer six goals that can help you get on track – and stay there – so you can own your financial future.

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