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Financial Planning

A financial plan is a key tool to navigate your financial future and can focus on one or several areas. It creates peace of mind, confidence and it reveals your financial position, often for the first time. Your plan will document, organize and streamline your financial assets and liabilities, and it will develop pathways to your financial goals. It will prioritize and address - cash flow needs, debt management, retirement, investments management and risk, estate planning, insurances, major purchases and sales, Education funding, business ventures.

The need for a financial plan is often triggered by an event, or circumstances such as
  • Education funding
  • Debt Management
  • A New Business Venture
  • Marriage
  • A Major Transaction
  • Vocational Change
  • Insurance Needs
  • Legacy Planning
  • Divorce
  • Health Issues
  • Sudden Wealth
  • Retirement Planning

Take Control of Your Personal financial World

Your Personal Financial Website
At Boerum Hill Financial Advisors we offer you your own personal financial website where at a glance you can see your total financial picture in real-time, 24/7.


Here you'll see a holistic picture of your financial health at a glance. The tiles on this page offer a snapshot into each section of the site, which you can drill down into for more information.


Consolidate all your important financial information in one place. Start by connecting your financial institutions in the "Accounts" section of the Organizer in order to get an updated view into your accounts and investments in real-time. Next, add in your goals and financial priorities and personalize your site by adding photos and important milestones.


Easily add goals, track your progress toward funding those goals, and visualize how your goals impact your long-term financial outlook.


Access the Spending tab to see where your money is going each month, establish a budget to manage your expenses, and make adjustments based on actual spending, saving and investment data.


Monitor your investment performance and asset allocation. Make sure to first connect all your investment accounts so you can get an accurate picture of your finances.


Upload your important documents for safe keeping and easy access when you need them. Protected by the highest level of encryption in the industry, private folders provide a secure location to store sensitive files, while shared folders enable you and your advisor to easily share and access important documents for review.

Let's Schedule a Discovery Call

We offer a complimentary "Get Acquainted" meeting to learn more about your financial planning needs and share information on our firm to see if our services are right for you.

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