Our Process

Our Process

What we do and how we do it, moving forward for our clients.

Our process emphasizes four important concepts:

Service: Our commitment to clear, consistent and relevant communication is a cornerstone of our client service approach.  We believe that the more informed clients are about their investments and the investment world, the more confident they will feel about their financial future.

Objectivity: We serve as a fiduciary to our clients, who expect and receive the perspective that they need to hear, without prejudice or conflict.

Efficiency: Our clients lead busy lives.  Our job is to allow them to easily oversee and understand their finances in order to make informed decisions.

Effectiveness:  Our clients expect successful results.  We seek to maximize after-fee, after-tax, risk-adjusted returns.

How We Do It?

Creating A Living Blueprint

Life changes.  So does your financial life.  Echo believes that wealth management is a continuous process that is never “finished”. 

We use a seven-step, iterative approach to create a financial blueprint that is unique to you, and changes and grows with your needs.


We listen.  We ask the right questions and take the time to learn all the important details of life, including your lifestyle, career path, business, children, philanthropy, and aspirations.  We help you articulate the goals you have for your wealth.  In addition, we utilize a tool called Riskalyze to capture a quantitative measurement of your risk tolerance.  We then translate this into a risk profile based on a multitude of parameters, unique to your situation.


We gather, interpret, and summarize information from an exhaustive list of financial and legal documents: your balance sheet, cash flow, existing estate planning documents, income tax returns, stock options and restricted shares, and pension, to name just a few.  From this we create a complete financial picture for you using Echo Dashboard; summarizing your existing estate planning strategies, income tax situation, investment, and other financial assets that have an impact on wealth management. 

We utilize WebEx technology often to gather information directly from clients’ company benefits website by securing to the client the control to enter the user ID and password.  We save these documents as PDF files securely in client folder – saving time and better for environment. 


By understanding what structures and strategies have been put in place to achieve goals, we generate ideas for new strategies that can complement existing plans.  We will interpret your financial picture, and identify and assess additional opportunities and strategies to move you toward your goals.

Inside Echo Dashboard, we model various scenarios such as disability, premature death, return assumptions, and different retirement dates to facilitate discussions on how to bridge the gaps. 


We present objective recommendations to clients based on the analysis and discussions with them relating to risk and reward tradeoffs and specific stated financial goals.

The written recommendations may include asset allocation for the entire portfolio, insurance needs, retirement savings, stock option exercise strategies, and more.  The specific action plan shows what we can do on our client’s behalf and what the client can do by following this written plan.  We discuss the total costs relating to implementing the investment plan with our firm. 


We will translate the financial plan and strategy into a tactical action plan including broad asset allocation, specific investment vehicles and manager selection, and the execution of associated tasks.


We continuously monitor your progress toward your goals with all your accounts’ balances aggregated in your personalized homepage (Echo Dashboard).  In order for us to be proactive in recommending stock options exercises, trading plans and maximizing retirement savings, we encourage clients to engage us in ongoing financial planning by updating their new compensation, living expenses and changes in life. 

For the accounts that we manage actively and charge a quarterly advisory fee based on account balances, we provide quarterly performance reports using Echo Performance, a secure client portal for you to access either on a computer or a mobile device. 

As our clients can see their up-to-date complete financial pictures using Echo Dashboard, most clients choose to meet with us in office twice a year.   We check in using WebEx or via telephone to hear about events and occurrences that may have a financial impact.


We continuously search the horizon for new investment opportunities in different economic, market, and tax environments. 

Our strategic and disciplined process unites financial planning and investment management in an approach that is industry-leading, and client-friendly.

From engagement, to implementation, to portfolio and market monitoring, at Echo Wealth Management, we take the complexity and worry out of wealth management.


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