Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. We are 100% independent and objective.
  2. We have extensive experience in serving corporate executives, especially women executives from the Fortune 500 companies.

  3. We have accounting roots and we focus on after-tax return by implementing the most sophisticated rebalancing tool to enable tax efficiency by avoiding short-term gains, quickly detecting tax loss harvesting opportunities, avoiding wash sales and choosing to minimize long-term taxation using location optimization features.  Proper “Asset Location” can generate additional after-tax return when tax-inefficient assets are located in retirement accounts while keeping tax efficient assets in taxable accounts.

Wealth Management Services include financial planning and investment management.

Our planning fee is separate from investment management fees.  We believe that financial planning is an essential part of wealth management.  In our opinion, it is difficult to invest assets without knowing a person's financial goals.  First year planning fee ranges from $2,500 to $6,000 depending on complexities and estimated meeting, and preparation time to construct your personal homepage Echo Dashboard.  

The financial plan includes a personalized homepage Echo Dashboard where your account balances are updated daily to show cash flow and net worth projections based on some assumptions of income, living expenses and rate of return on investments.  You will be presented with written recommendations and actions to take in order to achieve your stated life goals.  We believe helping you monitor your progress towards to goals is critical to your long term success.  In order for us to be proactive in making recommendations in making deferral elections, exercising stock options and setting up a trading plan, we encourage clients to renew financial plan each year and update us new compensation, living expenses and changes in life.  The second year and ongoing planning fee is generally 50% lower than the first year fees.  You are not obligated to transfer all your investments to be managed by Echo.    

Investment Management Fee: When we open your accounts at the custodians and you give us discretionary trading authorization to select and monitor your investments, our annual fee is 1% of account balances, deducted quarterly in advance from the accounts based on quarter end account balance for the quarter.  The fee decreases with an increase in investable assets.  

       Total Asset under Management             Annual

  • $0 ‐ $1,000,000 .....................................1.00% 
  • Next $2,000,000................................... 0.80%
  • Next $7,000,000....................................0.60%
  • Next $5,000,000................................... 0.40%
  • $15,000,001 plus...................................0.25%

For retirees, Echo Wealth Management typically requires a minimum account size or client relationship of $1,000,000 for investment management services.  Client household where the total balance of all accounts is less than $1,000,000 will be accepted only on a case by case basis based on certain criteria (for example, future earnings capacity, anticipated future additional assets, related accounts, family relationships and pro bono work).

For Wealth Management clients, Echo has insurance licenses to help you shop for life, disability and long term care insurance you need as we have connections with various independent insurance brokerage firms.  Echo gets paid nominal commissions from insurance companies and fully discloses this to prospects and clients. 


We have clients of all ages and attitudes.  If there’s a consistent thread, it’s that they are busy and successful professionals who like the way we combine intellectual ferocity with warmth and affection.  They also appreciate the fact that we invest in technology to deliver timely financial plans and performance reports electronically where they can review from their computers or mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone and Android.  We can work together to reduce paper and printing costs and to protect our environment. 

The planning and investing discipline we provide will align your financial goals with your resources and help you maximize opportunities.  You may not have the time and expertise to devote to research in various investments and keep up with tax law changes.  What we do for you will liberate you from layers of stress.

A fiduciary has the highest ethical obligation to put your interest ahead of their compensation and any other considerations.  Echo Wealth Management is a fiduciary - this is fundamental and we wouldn't have it any other way.

After a thorough and detailed analysis of the client’s specific circumstances, an Investment Policy Statement and detailed Implementation Plan are constructed for the client’s review, consideration and approval.  Investment objectives and various strategies are stated in the Implementation Plan.  We have discretionary trading authorization to invest based on the investment objectives.  We proactively communicate with you relating to major changes.  Our primary goal is to be thoughtful, detailed and consistent when dealing with our client’s legacy of wealth. 

Our minimum household size is $1 million in investable assets for retirees.  We can decide to waive the minimum for clients who choose our Wealth Management Services and are in the accumulation phase of life with a plan to reach $1 million in the future. 

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