Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Women And Finances - How to Build A Strong Financial Foundation

Women are stepping up their games in all areas of life. They are being more outspoken than ever when it comes to the creation of change—for the better. They are building networks and combining efforts like never before. And, they are breaking records.

NextEra Changes Utility Paradigm By Outperforming S&P 500 Index

  • NextEra Energy has consistently outperformed the S&P 500 Index over the past decade.
  • NextEra is up much more than the broad market benchmark over the past six months.
  • Like all utilities, NextEra is a defensive stock, but it stands out for growing earnings and free cash flow.
  • NextEra has increased dividend payouts on a yearly basis.


Five Tax Tips

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act, enacted in 2017, made major changes to the tax code that could have a significant impact on your bottom line.

New Home Financing Checklist

While owning a home is the quintessential American dream, not everyone is able to purchase a home when they desire. If you’re fresh out of school with a boat load of student debt, it’s probably best to wait until you’ve been working for at least a year before you start looking to buy.

Steps to Begin Saving for Your Retirement

Steps to Begin Saving for Your Retirement

Dee Kerr, CFP®, CDFA®

Most of us by nature are procrastinators. Beginning to save for your retirement is one thing that you should not put off until tomorrow. The younger you are the more time is on your side—so don’t delay. You could miss out on the power of compounding interest.

This Valentine’s Day, spend only what you should—and insure only what makes sense!

By Alysia Boehner, Certified Insurance Counselor

We’re headed for a record-setting Valentine’s Day. And though I hate to put a damper on this heart-filled holiday, the revelation that the majority of people are planning to spend more than ever on Valentine’s Day this year is less-than-great news for most gift givers this year.

Markets Return to Normal; Which Means Unpredictable: 3rd Quarter 2018 Market Commentary

Markets Return to Normal; Which Means Unpredictable


The first half of 2018 was muted, the third quarter was robust, and as we write in the second week of October, the picture is changing dramatically. 

How Student Loan Debt Impacts Retirement Savings


Provided by Doug Fletcher

If your workforce includes recent college graduates, it’s likely that some of them have debt associated with their college years. Student debt may play a large part in the finances of these young (and even not-so-young) employees; that’s why a complete picture of employee financial wellness should consider it. In addition, carrying student debt may plan a role in how much workers are saving for their eventual retirement. Both of these are good reasons for employers to take an interest in the impact of student debt on their workforce.

Cut the Coffee, Get Money

A lot of people need their daily cup of joe. I, admittedly, am one of those people. It was today that I was sitting in the Dunkin’ Donuts Drive-Thru (like I usually do), when I wondered to myself: 

“How much money do you think I’ve spent on Dunkin’ in my lifetime?” 


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