5 Financial Missteps to Avoid

Personal finance, like just about everything else, is mainly common sense. Advice like “don’t spend more than you make; start investing while you’re young; don’t loan money to friends with the expectation of getting it back,” have been around for generations, and most likely will survive the next few generations as well. Even money mistakes that are corrected early enough will have little impact on your wealth going forward.  What you do want to avoid are money mistakes that can be hard to recover from.

January 2019 Durable Goods Orders

Orders for wares expected to last longer than three years improved for a third consecutive month in January according to the Census Bureau.  Their measure of Durable Goods Orders rose $900 million or 0.4 percent.  However, even after three months of increases, this indicator is not yet back to the September 2018 level because the 4.3 percent drop in October’s reading has yet to

How to Spend Your Raise

Congratulations! Your hard work and contributions at the office have been recognized and you’ve earned yourself a raise. You might be tempted to start spending it right away, but this is probably a bad idea. Be cautious about raising your budget and lifestyle in a permanent way after getting a raise — it can make it harder to get ahead over the long term.

You’re Going on Vacation!

Mark Triplett


Where you going? 

Managing Debt

Managing Debt

Dee Kerr, CFP®, CDFA®

Notice the title -Managing Debt not eliminating debt. While the goal of eliminating debt is admirable, I have found that most people can enjoy an improved quality of life by learning how to, and practicing, managing debt. It is possible to live debt-free.

Estate Planning: The Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

There is a common misconception that life insurance benefits are not subject to estate tax.

While the proceeds of a life insurance policy are not taxable income to the beneficiaries, they are part of a person’s taxable estate if the insured dies owning the policy.

Top Strategies for Charitable Giving

We all have certain causes that we choose to support monetarily. In fact, in 2017, Americans gave more than $410 billion to charities, breaking the $400 billion mark for the first time in history.

But anytime that we give our money to an organization, it’s important to do our due diligence, ensuring that the funds that we give will be used effectively.

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